Thank you!

It has been a week since the first annual gala. 

Thank you again so much for everyone who came out to support, and thank you to those who have been supporting Music Beyond from afar! We successfully raised enough fund for the next trip! Lots of photos are posted HERE

It has been a roller coaster ride, and I've learned a lot through the process.

There will be some change in the organization. It will be announced soon, but what I can say right now is that I am more than ever determined to make this organization successful so that we can make a difference to the individuals and the next generation of musicians they teach, one step at a time, for many - many years to come!

I wish from the bottom of my heart that you will continue to support Music Beyond!

Love, Kaori

PS 3 weeks to another trip to DR Congo! Looking forward to seeing this gorgeous sunset over Congo River again!