Recital (Day 8)

Our fourth and final day with the musician began like all our other days, starting out with private lessons in the morning, and gathering under a table in the shade for lunch. We knew no one else intended to eat, but Kaori and I found that when we casually shared our meal with our friends, they 

would smile and join us at the table and eat with us. We purchased the food from a local food stand, and I must say, it was quite delicious! They just seem to have a knack for things like food, fashion, and music. I don't know what it is, but I was completely blown away by how delicious everything tasted.

After lunch, we all gathered in the hall, where we led ensemble instruction. Honore, our fantastic translator (see Honore), sprung into action once more, but this time, the musicians repeatedly began asking Honore a question. Instead of lessons, all the musicians wanted to perform a piece of music.

Of course we said yes, and what followed was an impromptu recital. All the musicians hurriedly began warming up in various corners of the room, and Honore would direct them one-by-one, and if anybody took too long to walk to the "center stage", Honore would glance at the clock and move things along. Natalie played Vivaldi with Kaori. Sammy played the Sarabande from Bach's Partita. Gil and Gille played a double concerto. When Josephine, who has only been playing for two years, nervously looked at the audience before she began to play, her colleagues all began to shout, "Courage, courage!" When she finished playing her folk song, they clapped extra loud. The recital ended with Kaori and I performing a short duet, and afterwards, the Flutists asked if they could have our sheet music. They were overjoyed when we said "yes!"

Afterwards, there was a very long photo shoot. We thanked them for their passion and their kindness, and they told us we needed to come back again. Everyone wanted a picture with us, a chance to say goodbye. Some members rushed to the nearest Internet cafe and signed up for email accounts for the first time in their lives, just so that they could exchange emails with us. 

With one final "CHITUNGA!!!!!" we smiled and waved to them one last time, hoping that we would be  back again very soon.

- Nana